About us

The Juszt-is Foundation! – Who are we? What do we do?

Our foundation’s mission is to reduce the level of disadvantage faced by kids born in Bódvalenke, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. Our goal is to help children growing up in Bódvalenke to have the same chances as their peers born in cities with better financial and social conditions.

Bódvalenke is a village of 230-250 people, 67 km from Miskolc in the northeastern part of Hungary.  There is no kindergarten in the village. Children attend primary school in the nearby villages.

Currently, the following activities are carried out under our program:

  • Summer camp
  • Weekend program 
  • Skype classroom
  • First & second class project

Camp: we prepare different daily activities (sport, cooperative games, craft, artistic activities) for the children divided into age groups during a whole week. More info here: https://jusztis.com/tevekenysegeink/tabor/ 

Weekends: part of our volunteers visit the houses in the village and play developmental games with each kid in their family environment for 45-60 minutes. The aim of these activities is to reduce the disadvantages that have evolved due to poverty or lack of social development and attention. The rest of the volunteers hold extraordinary classes for school children in a study room on a certain (pre-arranged) topic. The main developmental areas we focus on are: vocabulary, orientation, small and large movements, numerical skills, logic, independent problem solving, etc. https://jusztis.com/tevekenysegeink/hetvegek/ 

Skype Classroom: 45 minutes of Skype lessons on weekly basis to help kids catch up at school. Volunteers usually specialize in a specific area but our developmental efforts are focused both on school subjects and general skills as well. Thus, Skype Classroom volunteers do not necessarily need to have a teaching qualification, general proficiency and interest in each school subject is more than sufficient. More info here: https://jusztis.com/tevekenysegeink/skype-tanoda/ 

First & second class project: with the help of the support materials we have compiled, two local helpers studies with children in the first and second classes of primary school. More info here: https://jusztis.com/tevekenysegeink/elsosok/